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The REP Sabre Bar is ideally suited for your power lifts - squat, deadlift, bench, press. It has carry over application for lighter Olympic lifts and beginners doing cross-training style workouts. For our best all-round bar for Olympic Lifting, Cross Training/HIIT style workouts, and commercial gyms, we recommend our Gladiator barbell.


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  • REP BB-3000 Sabre Barbell 

    The REP Sabre Bar is ideally suited for benching, squatting, and deadlifting - along with Olympic movements. Medium depth knurl gives good grip without tearing up your hands. Our 20kg bar comes in two options: with a center knurl or without. Center knurling is helpful for keeping the barbell on your back during back squats and helps with low rep Olympic Lifting. For anyone doing high rep workouts or more Olympic lifting, consider the "No Center Knurl" option, or check out our Gladiator barbell.

    20kg vs 15kg Barbells

    Main differences between the 15kg and 20kg Sabre - The 15kg has a 25mm diameter and the 20kg has a 28mm.  Typically women have smaller hands, and kids can use this bar as well.  And a 12.5" plate loading sleeve on the women's bar vs 16" on the men's bar.  The reason for this is the women's bar can still fit on a standard rack, while being lighter by giving up some plate loading area and bar diameter.  This is the standard Olympic barbell practice.


    • 150k tensile strength
    • 1000 lb rating
    • 28.5mm (25 mm women's) diameter
    • 20kg length 87.4"
    • 15kg length 79.13"
    • Zinc coating
    • Bushing design with snap rings
    • Dual knurl markings
    • No center knurl on women's barbell. Men's barbell has option with center knurl or without
    • 1 year warranty


    **1-year warranty against defects affecting the performance of the bar, such as bending, collar spin, knurling defects, or problems with the coating affecting the performance of the bar. Warranty covering bending does not cover dropping it on a box/bench/spotter arms/pins on power rack.

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